About the manufacturing raw materials of webackdrops products

As consumers, they must be particularly concerned about the quality of products. For products such as backdrop cloth, consumers care about the quality of two aspects. The first is the printing of the product pattern and the quality of the cloth and stand. In this blog, let's introduce the production materials used by webackdrops, the first is cloth, we use polyester material.

Polyester material: thicker and softer, no creases, better quality. Can be washed and ironed, with elastic band around. Can be used for indoor and outdoor photography, can be used and stored for a long time.

Features of polyester as a material include:

Strong and durable, wrinkle-resistant and non-iron. This is because polyester material has high strength and elastic recovery ability

Not afraid of mold and insects, can resist certain acid and alkali corrosion. Polyester material has good resistance to various chemicals

Thermoplastic, polyester material is one of the most heat-resistant materials in synthetic fabrics, and is often used to make pleated skirts with long-lasting pleats.

It has good light fastness, and its light fastness exceeds that of natural fiber fabrics and is second only to acrylic fibers, and the light fastness behind glass is almost the same as that of acrylic fibers.

Poor hygroscopicity, easy to dry after washing, and easy to generate static electricity in winter, but it should not be deformed after washing. Although the polyester material is inferior in wearing comfort, this determination does not affect our use of it as a backdrop cloth.

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