How to customize backdrop in webackdrops

webackdrops is professional backdrop producer and  always strive to create our products using the finest materials and superior design. Supporting customer customization has always been a very important business to us. Customers can choose any picture they like and let us print and customize. The following are some processes for customizing the backdrops:

1. Consumers enter the website, select the product collection customize to enter.

custom backdrops

2. Choose the shape of the product you want to customize, we provide three options, namely: round, rectangular, arched.

3.Select the size you want to customize or a custom size on the product details page. Leave your custom request in the text box and upload the image you want to print in the image upload window.

4. Finally, confirm the order, our staff will send it to you for your confirmation after the sample design is completed, and it will be put into production after confirmation.

The above is about the process of customizing backdrops.

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